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Naturist camping in france


“Pack your bags and book your space, you’re going on an adventure”


  •  private gardens
  • communal al Fresco dining area with BBQ
  • Jacuzzi
  • dip pool 
  • secure parking for Bed & Breakfast guests
  • Fresh produce & eggs at Kim’s Kabin
  • secure parking for b&b guests 
  • solar showers 
  • eco-compost toilets
  • chill out areas located around the property
  • fire-pit area
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We hesitate to use the word “rules” here at La Petit Cretouffiere but here are some things you should be aware of, please.

NO children are allowed on the property, inside or outside

NO unauthorised fires

NO smoking in the Bed and Breakfast or Pepe’s Pod

NO charging of electric cars/campers

NO dumping of toilet waste on the property. There is an Elsan point in the local village.

Please do not feed the animals 


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